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Paying it forward

All we need is hope and that we have each other. 

Andra Day

songwriters Cassandra Monique BatieJennifer Decilveo


2020 THE UNITED NATIONS Association USA Advancing Human Rights &
Dignity Award 
honoring Barbara Tellefson of UNITY SHOPPE, Santa Barbara, CA

Kenny Loggins  & Jackson Gillies 

Jackson was invited to sing at the UNA-USA special award ceremony honoring Barbara Tellefson.  Jackson asked Kenny Loggins if he would like to surprise his dear friend, Barbara.
They recorded this video at Kenny's house. Barbara passed on shortly after this event. Her legacy lives on and so does UNITY SHOPPE in Santa Barbara as well as Brad and Kim Paisley's
THE STORE Nashville, TN modeled after UNITY.


Santa Barbara

Emmy-award Winning
Teens Sing for Santa Barbara disaster relief fundraiser for
UNITY SHOPPE raised $70,000.
The concert was created & produced in one month's time.

Jackson Gillies, Kiara Lin,
Tali Ratcliffe & Emerson Steady  -
teen producers


Lauren Cantin was one of the featured singers. Lauren is a Resilient, Undaunted, Brave, Beautiful
& Inspirational Singer

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Barbara wanted all of the teens to understand where the money raised went. She gave us a tour and told us that the funds were to buy what the people in need wanted. She doesn't like donations being handed out and going to people who don't need or want that item. She told the story of the little girl who was so sad and Barbara said but you got 30 teddy bears and she said, "But, I don't like teddy bears."
If you haven't visited UNITY SHOPPE, make an appointment and visit the grocery store, the toy shop, the business clothes shop and witness the magic Barbara created. Recipients use a Unity credit card so their family thinks its a credit card. Each purchase is recorded so the next time they shop their favorite goods are in stock. It's just remarkable. Every town needs a UNITY SHOPPE!

Barbara and Jackson - Barbara let Jackson know she was counting on him to help UNITY SHOPPE in the future!


Teens Sing Bulletin Board at Unity Shoppe, Santa Barbara

2016  Profant Foundation Award


Photographer Nathaniel Gray invited Jackson to be one of 200 Santa Barbarans from all walks of life to be included in this community photography project designed to raise awareness

and break down discrimination here and nationally. The result is a compelling book featuring Gray’s stunning black-and-white portraits accompanied by autobiographies of the subjects.

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