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American Idol: 2019



DEC.  10 - 14


Home to Hollywood glamour & host to celebrities, presidents, dignitaries & the Oscars from 1935 - 1939, 1951-1943. 


Definitely not for the faint of heart! 

                   Start off with 190 contestants & end with 40. Call times get earlier as the

week goes on with Tuesday night into Wednesday virtually sleepless.

BEST for LAST was a running theme for Jackson.

All day Monday & Tuesday contestants sing solos, got in

lines of 10 and were judged. "Front row is heading home.

Back row will be staying." 


Jackson was one of the last Lines of 10 singers on Tuesday evening. Moved forward to GROUP ROUNDS finishing LINES of 10 just in

time to make a song, pick a group and practice "ALL NIGHT LONG."

Moved forward from Group Rounds and in the end was in the Rooms of 3 slated to go home. An amazing experience and now you know a little more about it.

 Day 1 after getting "cut" on the last day of Hollywood Week   (making it into the TOP 66) on Idol, Jackson began working on his single "Miss Me Too."
He released it in March and released another original "Girl, Oh Goodness Why?" shortly after before moving to 
London to attend the Institute of contemporary music. he returned to the USA when Covid hit. once again faced with an obstacle he dove in and wrote, performed & this time co-Produced "I Could've Loved you with Philip Etherington. He has new music coming soon which he produced on his own. Stay tuned.   

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