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American Idol: 2019


Great article below in "BUSTLE" by Kayla Blanton! thank you

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Jackson Gillies From 'American Idol'

Suffers From A Rare Disease &

He's Using His Platform To Spread Awareness


  Sat. Nov 10, 2018

Grauman's Chinese Theater

5:32 A.M.


Time to rock and roll with food and hot plate in tow! Playing Foy Vance's "MAKE IT RAIN"and ironically there was a fire in Malibu. A west wind was blowing smoke our way.

Looked pretty ominous out there.

Check-in, get your American Idol number, get interviewed here and there, jam with new friends, and cheer them on when they return to the Green Room with a


Lunch came around, as it does so it was time to break out the hot plate and cook some food. More jams, hang out with friends and family, and some more waiting. That's what they say show biz is, 1/2 the time you are waiting. Lots of moving parts.

Slowly, one by one, the contestants got their ticket, left to go fill out background and psych paperwork and returned to their corner of the world. Or sadly, did not return with a ticket. 


Took a little nap and sat up to an empty room (well, just my family) and then at 7:30 P.M. the time came. Bonded with the judges a bit and got the ticket. No room full of screaming contestants cheering when I returned but a new buddy lent me congratulations.


You are not to tell people if you got a ticket or not and not told if your audition will air.  Long wait again from Nov. 2018  to March 2019. Sunday after Sunday passed with friends and family asking if my audition would air. And then the TV ad came out with me singing!

"BEST for LAST" the ad said and there I was on the TV box singing.    805 YES!!

In his "BEST for LAST" audition of  American Idol 2019, Jackson and Katy Perry bonded over their Santa Barbara connection and having met when they both performed at the ONE805 Kick ASH BASH Thomas Fire First Responders Concert.

Katy asked, "Did you give my your card?"

Jackson replied, "YES!"

Classic Jackson.

Lionel Richie was the first celebrity to mention HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa, the condition Jackson battles) on TV. Lionel said he had woken up with a few things bothering him but tonight he will remember ..."what was it called?" 

Jackson answered, "HS." 

Lionel replied, "Hallelujah, YOU can sing!"

That mention inspired hundreds of HS warriors & T1d's to reach out to Jackson and share their stories. Many had never told another soul on Earth as HS is known as the "Hidden Plague." (learn more on the ABOUT page dropdown menu). Jackson responded to them all offering words of hope and inspiration. 

jackson is a TEDx SPeaker and Type 1 diabetes and HS spokesperson.

he gives motivational presentations and speeches with or without musical accompaniment

if you would like him to speak (ZOOM/LIVE) at your event or school you can reach out to his management on the contact page.

adults and kids need to know that nothing can stop a dream.  

Music Heals! 

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